Heroic Labels - Atelier Ciseaux

The second in our occasional series profiling heroic labels from around the globe

Location: Lyon (FR), Paris (FR) and Montreal (CA)  

Head Honcho: Laffitte Rémi 

Label ethos:  "Atelier Ciseaux is a French non-profit label founded in 2008 between the beautiful south-east-central mountains (le Vercors) and the north streets of Paris. 

The label has always existed...well, in my head, at least! Not with this name, or this logo, or these groups though, of course. I always wanted to create my own label. It was my dream when I was 17, and by the time I was 25, that was all I could think about. When I was 30, I finally decided to do it.

I grew up in a small town in the middle-south-east of France. No records shops, no places for shows, no driver license to go to the next big city. I started to discover music by myself with metal bands and then hardcore and indie rock. For the label, the influences come more from the DIY-punk scene rather than from any kind of independent rock. Meeting people involved in music scene was more inspiring than label’s logo on a cover

At first there were two of us, in the fall of 2008, then I continued on my own for a few months before Philippe joined the label. Since one year, we have a new member, Anais, in the team.

Our one and only ambition was always to release records we like and support bands/ artists we love. Nothing will ever be more important. It’s no more complicated than that. We aren’t just looking to introduce new artists. Some labels “laud” the “policy” of constant discovery by only releasing brand new music, but that’s not our thing. Whether it’s the first album or the twelfth album, what’s important is that each release gets your heartbeat stuck at 120 bpm. We want to continue as we are now - working freely with what we like. If we ever lose that freedom, we’ll stop. It’s that simple."

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Recent Releases: 

Words on the playlist from Remi:  New songs, old songs, People I've met, some others I never will. Songs for ghosts, mental earthquakes, morning apocalypse... from Montreal to Japan, by France, USA, Ethiopia... 

I'm definitely not the best to explain why I chose these tracks. ENJOY ! 


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