Best of 2018 - Remi and Nicolas of Geographie

Another fantastic set of selections in our Best of 2018 series. This comes from Remi and Nicolas of new French label Geographie. Remi has been a long time friend of electric sound of joy through his previous label Atelier Ciseaux which is on a long term hiatus at present.

Thanks to Remi and Nicolas for their impeccable taste.


Good Posture - Italy (Self Released) 

(Rémi) Even if we are living in the same town, I discovered Joel’s music almost by chance on the internet. With his beautiful guitar, it’s the perfect track to dance while laying down. « Italy » reached more than… 2 millions plays on youtube. Crazy but deserved.  

CONNAN MOCKASIN - Con Conn Was Impatient (Mexican Summer) 

(Nicolas) Definitely one of the best songs this year. It's delicate, heady and it's Connan Mockasin of course.

WORLD BRAIN -  Made U Cry (Self Released) 

(Rémi) WB is Lucas’ project, member of the german band FENSTER. I’m not sure if the track has been released end of 2017 or early 2018 but nevertheless, I love its modern-nostalgicish vibe. I was lucky enough to listen to the whole record, available early 2019, and it’s really cool. Keep you ears open. 

BONNY DOON - I am here (I am alive) (Woodsist) 

(Nicolas) It's a perfect lazy song to close your eyes and think about nothing. The voice reminds me Smog / Bill Callahan sometimes and I think it's something I needed this year.

FLAVIEN BERGER - Pamplemousse (Pan European Recording) 

(Rémi) Since a good friend of mine sadly passed away some days ago, I have listened this song on loops. It’s a sweet song with weird but beautiful lyrics who are for me really comforting. « Je me souviens »…  


LAUNDER- EP Pink Cloud (Self Released)

(Nicolas) Great shoegaze lo-fi stuff that I discovered this year. A kind of Marble Arch's American cousin.

GROUPER - Grid Of Points (Kranky) 

(Rémi) I think, I put a Grouper’s track in 90% of the mixtapes/ playlists I made. I’m really fascinated by Liz Harris’ music, how is it possible to make sadness so beautiful ?

More than music, I love her attitude, she’s really discreet but all her records are like a highly expected events. With this record, she proves once more that she’s definitely a precious -and quite apart- artist.

JERRY PAPER - Like A Baby (Stones Throw)

(Nicolas) I love this guy, all his songs, photos and videos. And I'm really looking forward to see him live again !

GOOD MORNING - Prize // Reward (Bedroom Suck Records) 

(Rémi) It’s sweet, catchy, willingly « lazy », melodic, melancholic, heartfelt… I don’t know why this Australian band is not more known, they write incredible indie-pop songs. Last year, I booked a show for them in Paris and I’m not ready to forget any of it! 

PART TIME -  Spell #6 (Tough Love)

(Nicolas) This new Part Time's LP is really good and reminds me a lot of the feeling I've got with their -best- album "What Would You Say?" It's a perfect match between Synth Pop and Lo-Fi Garage.

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