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Sea Moya have transplanted to Montreal from Germany but their leftfield pop sensibilities remain intact as witnessed on the recent release 'New Past

The band have generously provided us with a guest playlist containing some of their current favourites. 

Some words from Sea Moya on their selections...

"Vesuvio Solo - Avion
Heard this song some years ago and have loved the album ever since. Two days after I arrived in Montreal there was this festival going on called M for Montreal. They played a beautiful and intimate set.

Sean Nicholas Savage - Dont B Sad (prod by Tops)
Nothing more to say, just listen to this one and you won't be sad! Sean Nicholas Savage and Tops combined in one piece of music. Love it.

Pierre Kwenders - Welele
Met him within the first week in Montreal at a beautiful bar/restaurant/club called Ti-Agrikol where he hosts a weekly DJ night. Hard to keep track of what he does, feels like he is all over the place. A great inspiration of how to deal with identity and heritage in these modern and globalised times we’re living in. 

Homeshake - Under The Sheets
Just listened a lot to Homeshake before moving here. And still do. 
Played a festival together back in Germany and got along superb. Excited for their new record, out soon.

Suuns - Watch You, Watch Me
Played a festival together back in Germany and got along superb. Excited for their new record, out soon.

Project Pablo - Follow It Up
He played a set at Jetztmusik Festival (one love <3) in our hometown Mannheim after Ata Kak. Such a good night and love the tracks he’s putting out on SOBO. 

Softcoresoft - Acid She Said
Saw her play an electrifying live set in a cube of visuals in my 3rd week in Montreal. Mesmerizing. She’s also a constant figure of art and nightlife over here. 

Tess Roby - Glimpse
Another night, another good show. Tess Roby and her brother played some beautiful songs opening up for Moon King. 

Jackson MacIntosh - Lulu
Watch out for his upcoming record, love that song. 

Freak Heat Waves - Liquid Honey
Met them at a Honey Harper show, they also have a record coming up to which I’m very much looking forward. 

Montreal is just flooded with good music, it was hard to pick just a few. Every night we still can’t decide to which show we wanna go, so much stuff going on over here. We love it and are truly inspired by that spirit."

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