Heroic Labels No 1 - Sports Day Records


The first in an occasional series profiling heroic record labels from across the globe

Location: London/Austin, TX

Head Honcho:  Theodore S. Hughes

Label ethos: "Working with artists that I believe to be extremely talented and interesting is the key I suppose. Most of the time if I actually want to listen to an artist, and think they're special/intriguing, then that's all it takes for me to be motivated to work with them. With all the Sports Day artists so far(partly down to funding) the most common theme is probably the lo-fi production and bedroom aesthetic. However, where the artists choose to take their sound/genre is pretty varied. Bands like Arbes and Lion Bark have looked to explore the most of their surroundings and take you elsewhere, away from the lo-fi atmosphere. Whereas Orfeo and LUWUM are much more intimate sounding, keeping you in the layers and quirks of their sound. Right now Sports Day feels like a family where even with different locations, genres and ideas in the artists there is something, that I can't explain, which links them all. The highlight so far has been when the bands find each other's music and have a mini love in exploring a new connection with some strangers from the other side of the world. The first Sports Day compilation 'RELAY' is really close to my heart because it has so many friends that I've managed to convince to all share a release. One artist passing onto another." 

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Releases: Lion Bark - Pomelo SD001 // Orfeo - Purple Thursday SD002// Arbes - Swimmer - SD003// LUWUM - Places Worn SD004 // Spector - Moth Boys SD005 // Sports Day various - RELAY SD006 // Static Animal - Static Animal SD007

Playlist: (Nov 2015)

Words on the playlist from Theodore: Two of the most exciting young song-writers in the USA right now are at the heart of this new music playlist! Everyone should go and check out Claire Cottrill and Arthur Shea. They both have very distinct styles and write incredible songs that are overflowing with unique melody. At the moment, this Autumn, I've been dipping into a lot of laid back dream pop bands. Mountain States and Mild High Club concoct brilliant drippy grooves that you could sink into, I've put them in amongst my main squeeze Lion Bark who have written a loved up wistful classic in 'You and Me'. Melbourne trio Arbes are back in their bedroom writing some new songs, but until then, I had to revisit 'Swing(Abridged)', which is secretly the best track from their debut EP 'Swimmer'. Finally, I haven't been able to put down the vibrant new release by Snoozer called 'Life Sucks. It came out last month via homies Third Floor Tapes. Great label, great release. Enjoy!

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