Heroic Labels No.3 - Tambourhinoceros


The latest in our very occasional series on labels we love alights on Tambourhinoceros from Copenhagen.

Location - Copenhagen 

Head Honchos - Tue Kjerstein & Kristoffer Rom

Ethos - We started out in 2010 as the offspring of a band (Oh No Ono), so the music has always been front and center. At the same time we try to work as hard as possible, to improve our skills and to nurture the relationships between us and our partners in crime around the world.

Tue and myself (Kristoffer) share a taste for heartfelt performances, poetic lyrics and adventurous arrangements that are skillfully recorded. I hope people can sense that when listening to our releases even though we’ve been all over the place genre- and mood-wise.

It’s tricky to insist on letting the emotional, intellectual and aesthetic value of music come before its monetary value. But I think it needs to be in that order for music to stay interesting - especially in a world that’s more dominated than ever by big corporations, their technology and budgets big enough to sell sand in Sahara. We live for those moments where a piece of music compels to spend our savings and working hours on promoting and supporting it.

Recent Releases

Molina - Hey Kids 

From Palace Winter's album 'Nowadays' 

August Rosenbaum - Credo

From the The New Spring's album 'Wholly Wholly'

IRAH - Worship The Sun


Its May 2018 and these are some of the artists me and Tue are spinning most these days.

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